In 1904, Theodore J. F. "Pete" Oestreich founded Oestreich Sales & Service, Inc. with the idea of helping people. During the early years, this ranged from working on locks to replacing the glass and upholstery in cars. He saw the need for standard locksmithing, and directed his company with those goals in mind.

Pete was a talented and gifted man, with inventiveness and intuitiveness to do a little bit of everything. One slow summer, he even invented an electric hot dog machine to sell hot dogs to the local neighborhood residents.

His son, Bob, took over the company after his death in 1962, and ran it for the next nine years, until his own son and several employees purchased the business in 1971. Most founding partners have retired, and were replaced with current employees, except for the grandson, Robert Oestreich.

Under Robert's direction as acting President, the company continues its focus on personal interaction and solving security needs. Charles Rapson, Richard Zettergren, and Spero Ventsias currently work with Robert as his business partners.

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