Master Key systems and restricted keys near Joliet, Illinois

Manage the access to your property more effectively and improve overall security with master key systems and restricted keys supplied by Oestreich Sales & Service. We give property owners in Joliet, Illinois the lock and systems they need in order to gain more precise control of who accesses their property and how. If you are interested in a master key system or if you need restricted keys, give us a call at 815-722-2431.
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Master Key systems

Do you need to grant varying levels of security access to a number of employees? The solution to this problem is a master key system. With master key systems, business owners and property managers can provide their personnel with keys designed to open only specifically-required doors and locks.

How Do Master Key systems work?

Essentially, a typical key pushes the pins in a lock in just the correct way to allow the lock to turn over. With a master key system, locks and keys are developed in such a way that lower-level keys (change keys) can turn over certain locks, with master keys designed to open the locks that lower keys can open, in addition to locks that the lower keys cannot turn over. This system allows for multiple master key levels, which can permit multiple degrees of access restriction. For more information about master key systems, or to request an estimate on master key system installation, call us now at 815-722-2431.

Restricted Keys

Restricted keys allow property owners to prevent unauthorized key duplication and ultimately maximize security. With restricted keys, the uncut key blanks are kept and supplied by specific locksmiths. Because these key blanks are restricted, it is easy to keep track of who should be able to make copies. Typically, a definitive list is kept and only authorized personnel can have new keys or duplicates created.

With a restricted key system, business owners know exactly how many keys exist at all times. Give us a call now at 815-722-2431 for more information about restricted keys.